Is Home Health the Right Fit for Your Patient?

Has your patient recently been released from the Emergency Room? Was this emergency life changing? Here are seven signs that your patient would benefit from home health.

1. They have trouble standing.

Not being able to stand up easily can increase your patient’s risk of falling. It also makes basic tasks around the house more difficult and dangerous. 

2. They can’t keep up with their hygiene. 

If your patient can’t shower or groom themselves, it might be time to consider home health. Staying clean is vital to being healthy and healing.

3. They need medication management. 

Was your patient put on medication after the ER visit? Do they need help learning proper medication management? Home health care can monitor medication and teach safe medication practices.

4. They have a mental disease or disorder.

Mental illnesses require careful monitoring, especially those common among elders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety, and depression. Home health care can ensure your patient is treated properly.

5. Their Caregivers Are Stretched Too Thin.

Often, a caregiver wears many hats. Sometimes they stretch themselves too thin, which can result in patient neglect. It’s also important that the caregiver is well enough to take care of someone else. 

6. They Need a Preventative Action Plan to Avoid Hospitalization. 

An action plan can help reduce your patient’s risk of being hospitalized. Sometimes a patient needs a step by step plan including when to take medications, what to watch out for, and overall safety precautions.

7. They’re hospitalized frequently.

Being hospitalized frequently means your patient needs someone else to help look over them. They need someone who can make sure they take their medicine, evaluate them, and assist them with activities.

If these signs sound familiar, it might be time to consider home health care. For more information contact Ohio Valley Home Health at (812) 944-9284.