Why Us?

We know that in southern Indiana, you have a number of choices for home care.  Ohio Valley Home Care is your best choice for that care, providing the same level of care and comfort we would provide to our own families.

Relationships Matter.

A patient receiving care in his or her own home benefits greatly from a relationship with their caregiver. So unlike other agencies who may send a different caregiver for each visit, we’ve built a continuity of care, where each patient has one primary caregiver, with one or two caregivers assigned as backup only for days off and so on.

Stability Matters.

Our rate of turnover is one of the lowest in the industry. Why?  Instead of filling every position as fast as possible, we choose caregivers very thoughtfully and deliberately, to give our patients and their families a more consistent and reliable experience.

Qualifications Matter.

We make sure that each caregiver on our team has the necessary skills, and that those skills are up to date. We then supplement that with in-house training to reinforce best practices and share new approaches.

Beginnings Matter.

We believe that the way you begin a relationship has a profound impact on the strength of that relationship. So our caregivers don’t just show up on a patient’s doorstep.  They’re introduced to the patient and oriented to the home setting by one of our core team members.

Trust Matters.

Our approach means that we’re often chosen to provide care to patients whose closest family members live some distance away, and aren’t able to be present themselves. The trust we’ve earned time and again with these families in caring for their loved ones and staying in touch with them has been a very rewarding outcome of the way we do things.

Experience Matters.

Finally, we believe our longevity speaks to the quality of the home care we provide. Especially in a tumultuous economy, a provider like ours couldn’t continue to grow and thrive for nearly thirty years unless we were delivering the highest quality care with a blend of compassion and professionalism.

We would be delighted to visit with you and talk about the particular needs you or your loved one might have, and to determine how we can serve you.