What You Didn’t Know About Home Health Care

Most people fear living in a nursing home, and hope to remain in the home they’ve built their life in.  But a time may com when you or a loved one might need some assistance with daily activities. If that’s the case, a nursing home isn’t the only option.  Home health care might be the answer.  Here are some common questions and answers about home health care.

Do you have to be sick to receive home health care?

Home health care can be medical or non-medical. Medical is usually for people who are ill or are recovering from an illness. Non-medical is for people who just need a hand with daily activities, from transportation or help with housework to companionship. 

Is home health care affordable?

Medicare and most insurance companies cover home health services if you or your loved one needs help leaving home, speech therapy, or physical therapy. Home health care is usually more affordable than onsite facilities. 

Does home health care mean losing independence?

Home health care helps you or your loved ones maintain their independence. Home health care helps with daily tasks, and can also help prevent falls and broken bones — the leading cause of death for elders according to the CDC.

Does having a home health caregiver push my family away? 

Quite the opposite. While a bond may develop with a home health caregiver, they will never replace family. Home care providers can actually provide transportation to family gatherings, and assist with technology to help you or your loved one stay connected with family.  Home health care providers work hard to keep you connected with family.

How can I trust a stranger in my home?

Not only do home health care providers from Ohio Valley Home Health have to pass comprehensive background screenings and competency tests, they also receive ongoing training. Beyond thorough background checks, health care providers are also matched with patients based on similar interests. 

Is home health care as reliable as senior facilities? 

Home health care workers are skilled professionals just like other hospital or senior home employees.  But unlike those other facilities, with home health care you or your loved one is the only priority.  And care is provided in a more comfortable setting— your home!

Is home health care only for elders?

Home health care is available for all ages. While many elders use home health care services, many others do as well— people recovering from a procedure, parents of newborns, those in need of specific medical treatment, and people with disabilities. Home health care is specific to you or your loved ones unique needs, regardless of age. 

Do I have to use home health care for a certain number of hours a week? 

Whether you or your loved one needs 4 or 40 hours of assistance a week, home health care can cater to your specific needs. Maybe cooking and cleaning isn’t an issue, but getting out of the house alone is a struggle.  Home health care is there to help. You decide how involved you want home health care to be. 

Home health care can ensure you or your loved one get the care they need.  Call Ohio Valley Home Health at  (812) 944-9284  to learn more and answer any other questions you might have.